2 thoughts on “Singer Models 900, 920, 925, 1030 and 1036 Residential Service Manual.

  1. Singer 935 problems with button hole.
    This machine works fine except the button hole feature. The center disc of the cam at the top is cracked but that’s been repaired and all the flex stitches are perfect. They were not working at all before repair. Happy about that.
    However the button hole is not advancing on either “1” or “2” setting. Is it an incorrect placement of the disc assembly or an adjustment somewhere. The manual shown here doesn’t seem to apply to the 935 series.

    1. The 935 operated on similar mechanics that the 920 and 925 did but they had some minor differences and adjustments. I would remove the covers and first check that the shaft thrust washer between the needle bar dounterweight and machine upper main shaft cushing is intact and then look at the button hole cam making sure that it has no binds in it. Sorry I do not have a manual for the 935.

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