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6 thoughts on “Home Page

  1. Thanks for the service manual for the Athena 2000. Have one here for service. It seems to work fine except for one issue. Stitch length is very short. Will study up and report back.

  2. Anyone have info on thread (and screw) in the base of Singer machines which hold the feed dog cover?
    the part number is 140320W taken from the manual but sadly it’s not listed in the Singer screw chart

    1. Update:
      Seems the thread is #6 UNF. #219 in the list. 9/64 x 40 TPI. It appears to be same thread that is used to attach the presser foot. Machined a few and they fit.

  3. Can I get info on Singer cobbler industrial machine on this site.  I have 2, one is model 29-4 the other is 29-K71, and one stand. The are not in the best of shape, but really hate to just have to sell them for scrap metal.  Thanks, Lynn Jackson

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