Support us on Patreon is a labor of love. It’s for me to give back to the industry and people that have afforded my family and I a good living and very happy memories for well over 50 years.

However, it takes time and money to make these services possible and we want to make this as equitable as possible for all of our members. If you consider that we have to have a server that provides the bandwidth to make these PDFs possible and the fact that we want to move into doing YouTube Videos (Mr. Fixer) as well as offering specialty tools to the sewing enthusiasts once things calm down a bit, that entails adding cameras and other mixing software as well as making and stocking some of the tools we want to make available that means the operating costs will quickly mount up.

For that reason we have made a Patreon page where you can go to support us which is both secure as well as offers many ways to make payments. This just makes sense since having to make portals to encompass many payment methods would be a nightmare to administrate and detract from the time I have to get things rolling in earnest.

At this time that we have not defined specific benefits for supporting us but as time goes on I will make many specific offers to Patrons as well as exclusive content. YOU will be in effect our Board of Governors to steer us into being a helpful resource for the sewing community.

Gauge Set
Gauge Set

As I already said we will be putting together a store also with specialty tools for servicing machines so I am already making plans to reprise making the Singer feeler gauge sets that I had made for the SMRG group on FB. But like all things this also takes money and time to do so being a Patreon supporter will be your best way to know when new things become available since we will be doing a monthly newsletter.

Thank you all for your support no matter whether it is monetary or not and hopefully in time we will have a robust community of sewing enthusiasts that will pass on the goals of and will be as fulfilled as I have been these many years.

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